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Workout Recovery

Muscles grow during the resting phase, only. So, recovery is a key issue in bodybuilding, sports training, and general physical maintenance.

To ensure you have adequate recovery, observe these principles and practices:

  1. Work only one muscle group per workout. This provides sufficient "recovery space" between work sessions, and it is the only way to gain sufficient training intensity.

  2. Develop a muscle group training schedule or rotation that permits a given muscle group to "rest" for at least 96 hours. Note that absolute rest isn't possible. The concept here is you train a muscle group very hard on the day for that muscle group, and you don't focus on it during a training day for another muscle group. For example, chest exercises necessarily recruit the shoulders (and incidentally, most people bench press completely wrong--primarily working their front deltoids instead of their pecs). Overhead presses necessarily recruit the back muscles. But these other muscles are secondary to the exercise and should not feel taxed by it.

  3. Do your squats or deadlifts only twice a month. Any more than that, and you are overtraining. If you don't find this to be the case, that means your training intensity is far too low.

  4. Go to bed at about the same time every night. This consistency improves both the quality of your sleep and your ability to fall asleep.

  5. Practice good form at all times. It takes ages to recover from an injury.

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Article Authorship

The articles on this site are authoritative, because:

  • Every contributor is an expert in his or her field.
  • The articles comply with the accepted principles of the bodybuilder literature.
  • The articles comply with the teachings of such luminaries as 8-time Mr. Olympia Lee Haney.

 Where an article is not bylined with a specific author's name, it was written by Mark Lamendola (see photos on home page and elsewhere on this site). Mark is a 4th degree blackbelt, has not been sick since 1971, and has not missed a workout since 1977. Just an example of how Mark knows what he's talking about: In his early 50s, Mark demonstrated a biceps curl using half his body weight. That's a Jack LaLanne level stunt. Few people can even come close. If you want to know how to build a strong, beautiful body, read the articles here.

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