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Testosterone Improvement

Testosterone is the master hormone. Both men and women need it to prevent osteoporosis--it's what signals your bones to absorb calcium.

Some other testosterone facts:

  • Men have a much higher level. At male levels, this hormone influences secondary sex characteristics.
  • Higher testosterone means more muscle and less fat--automatically.
  • You can raise or lower your testosterone level through diet and exercise. Most people do this in a negative way, unintentionally. This article will explain how to do so in a positive way.

Testing for testosterone

We sell the home testing kit, pictured at right. Click the picture for more information.

This testosterone evaluation kit allows you to use a saliva test to evaluate your levels of testosterone and DHT in the privacy of your home rather than spending several hundred dollars on a blood test.

You collect a saliva sample in the morning, and then send it in a special container that comes with the kit (postage paid). A lab conducts the tests, and then mails you your results. It's pretty simple.

This kit is very accurate.

Eating for testosterone

Insulin is antagonistic to testosterone. If you want to raise your testosterone, then ensure you are not eating any processed grains (flour, sugar, corn syrup solids). This may sound challenging, but millions of people follow this advice with no problem. If you can't skip the bread, pasta, corn, and other grains, then at least have whole grains and always eat them with a protein. No instant oats, instant rice, or other modified grains.

Exercising for testosterone

Men want those big beach muscles, so do a lot of curls and bench presses. There are two problems with this.

The first is 95% of people doing bench presses get almost no benefit because they round their shoulders forward during the exercise. That merely works the front deltoids. What you want to do is pinch your shoulder blades together. Initially, you may need to reduce your weight by half. But good form produces good results, and you will be lifting far more eventually.

The second problem is that isolation exercises do little to boost testosterone. Do front squats twice a month, however, and you will see your testosterone rise to the upper limit of normal. That, of course, assumes you aren't producing excess cortisol (stress hormone) or excess insulin (sugar), you are exercising in good form with intensity, you aren't overtraining, and you are eating right.

Supplements for testosterone

Contrary to what many folks in the supplement industry say, the various hormone concoctions do not work. Yes, they will boost your testosterone temporarily. And then your body's own ability to produce it falters. It's not sustainable.

What is sustainable is to supplement indirectly for testosterone. That is, supplement in a way that optimizes your exercise and recovery program, and your testosterone will naturally rise. I can say this with all confidence, because I am just shy of 50 and yet have a testosterone level that is at the very edge of the high end of the normal range--much better than many young bucks in their teens.

For anyone wanting big cajone testosterone levels without the damaging side effects of shortcut concoctions, I suggest this muscle-making, money-saving stack (details of each item, below):

Amino Armor. Gets nitrogen to the muscles fast.

Nitro Amino Armor is the most complete muscle maximizing formula ever developed. Taken pre-workout, it provides four critical phases of amino-built muscle armor that supercharges your endurance so you can train harder, boost your power, and push your muscle growth into overdrive.

Take this just before a workout. Stack it with Morph, and crank up the music.

Cell drive.

This is the best post workout drink there is. It drives muscle growth and recovery past all previous barriers. Use this and you will shrink recovery times, increase cell volume, boost cellular nitric oxide, and gain muscle.

GH. Growth Hormone Stimulator.

GH reduces cortisol (the stress hormone), increases lean muscle, and helps you sleep better.

Take four capsules, half an hour before bed. Sleep better and boost muscle recovery all night long.





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