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Nuts and Seeds

Did you know that raw nuts & seeds are some of the most important foods you can eat? Just think: when you plant a small seed it germinates and then bursts forth from the ground with power to produce a wonderful, healthy plant.

Although in its dried form it appears dead, dry, hard and quite lifeless, given soil and moisture it will push out of the ground with power and leap forth with resurrective power to produce life.  

Why not harness the life-giving power of the seed for your own health? Seeds contain all the important nutrients needed for human growth. They are excellent sources of protein and essential, unsaturated fatty acids needed for good health. Additionally, they are also some of the best natural sources of lecithin, B-complex vitamins, vitamin E and minerals; all of which provide for the preservation of health and aid in premature aging! 

Nuts are important to the diet as well. They provide many nutrients needed for the brain and nervous system. Nuts are actually seeds from which trees grow if they remain in the ground until germinated. When eaten raw in our diet, however, they provide protein, fat (the good kind), carbohydrates, potassium, sodium, calcium, phosphorus, Vitamins A, B, C & F just to name a few! 

What may not be well known about seeds is that they contain pacifarins, an antibiotic resistance factor which increases our natural resistance to disease. Additionally, they contain auxones, a natural substance which helps to produce vitamins in the body and ultimately helps rejuvenate our cells, thereby preventing premature aging. 

Whereas nuts can be used in their natural raw state, seeds should be germinated through the sprouting process. By doing so, you can enormously increase their nutritional value and release protein, vitamins, and complex carbohydrates into your body!  

There are many interesting ways you can utilize nuts and seeds. For example, nuts can be made into “butter.” This makes nuts easily digestible. You make butter at home by removing the skin of the nuts and then grinding them into a fine paste using a Champion juicer or other such machine. The grinding makes the B vitamins, minerals, and proteins are broken down more rapidly absorbed into the digestive tract. 

Another form of using nuts is through the creation of nut mylk My favorite mylk is made out of almonds. This is a rich, non-acid-forming drink full of nourishment. Here’s how I make the mylk:

Soak ˝ cup of almonds overnight and drain the next morning. Throw them into your vita-mixer and add water almost to the top of the mixer. Blend on high for about 2 minutes, then strain the almond/water mixture through a seed cheese bag. Save the almond pulp in the bag to either dehydrate with vegetables or make into seed cheese. Take the liquid almond/water drainage and poor back into the vita-mixer. Add approximately 1 tsp of salt & 1 tsp. of vanilla. About 5-6 dates and blend for another 2-3 minutes. Refrigerate! Be sure to stir before using. Delicious! 

The almond mylk resembles dairy milk in composition and appearance. It is so easily digested that I’ve heard it can be used in baby feeding due to its alkaline nature and the fact that it is high in protein and easy to assimilate and absorb. 

If you plan to eat almonds raw, did you know that you can get a complete day’s protein from eating 7-10 soaked almonds for breakfast? Why not start adding some seeds and nuts to your diet daily? If you are looking for a good source for purchasing these items, check out my store I'm a wholesaler, specializing in nuts, grains, cereals, flours and more in bulk quantities, online. 

Here’s wishing you good health!



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