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First Aid Basics

by Jerry Dawson, Founder

Anyone can suddenly and unexpectedly face a life-or-death situation that requires quick action. You could be with a loved one who has a heart might be babysitting a child who burns herself with hot may face a victim of a fall who is now unconscious...or you may come upon a traffic accident with injured victims.

Will you know what to do? Will you have the resources to take proper action? Unfortunately, many times the answer is no.

The first thing you should do in any situation requiring administering of first aid is to follow the three Cís:

Check, Call, Care

To Check the victim, you must first survey the scene to ensure your safety. If you get hurt trying to help, you may only serve to make matters worse. Next, do a primary survey. This involves checking to determine if the victim:

  1. Is conscious.

  2. Has an open, unobstructed airway.

  3. Is breathing.

  4. Has a heartbeat.

  5. Is not bleeding severely.

After checking the victim, Call the EMS, giving them a description of the emergency situation as well as the location of the scene.

After calling the EMS, provide appropriate Care based on your primary survey of the victim until EMS or other advance medical personnel arrives and takes over.

Remember, do not attempt Rescue Breathing or CPR without certification.

To obtain certification, ask your employer's Human Resources Department about adding you to the first response team or establishing one if there isn't one where you work. Or, in the United States, you can contact the American Red Cross. 

Based on your survey, you can then administer to the victim based on the level of training you have had and the equipment and supplies available to you.

First aid kits are now available for almost any situation or location. For just a few dollars you can actually save someoneís life or help prevent further injury. Custom first aid kits are available for camping, boating, driving, hiking, sports, and outdoor survival.

A new trend, made possible by the power of the Internet and online customization, is to custom configure first aid kits to match your specific needs.

Remember, prevention and preparedness are essential. Take the necessary instruction to be able to administer first aid properly. Ensure you have the necessary supplies with you at all times. Waiting until a crisis hits is unwise and dangerous. Also, the experience of being helpless while someone else dies can leave you scarred for life. You can make all the difference between tragedy--and some very thankful hugs.

Jerry Dawson, Founder


Disclaimer: The intention of this article is to give you basic information about first aid. It is not a first-aid course. Neither the authors nor the editors are licensed medical professionals or practitioners.



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