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Lose Fat Tips

The following tips are "sound bite" items that counter common misconceptions.

People have all kinds of screwy ideas about fat loss, and these tips help you put such ideas to rest.

Rather than waste your time chasing ideas that don't work, you can use the tips below to get yourself on the right track to right-size your body.

Remember, it's not about starving yourself to become skinny. It's about feeding yourself properly so you right-size your body..

Lose weight, be lean and strong, burn fat and gain muscle


Here are some very good fat loss tips:

  1. Don't try to "lose weight." This is a false metric. What you want to lose is fat. This isn't mere semantics. Until you understand this, you will have completely the wrong mindset and your efforts will result only in frustration.
  2. Fats don't make you fat. In fact, you need fat to burn fat. You need the fats you find in eggs, nuts, and cooking oils. Eat free-range eggs (very high in Omega 3 fats, which are quite good for you), fresh nuts (as opposed to the stale or processed ones in the typical supermarket), and quality oils (as opposed to the cheap hot-processed or improperly packaged or stored ones in the typical grocery store).
  3. Carbs don't make you fat. In fact, you need carbs to burn carbs. And to burn fat. There are people who live on nothing but chips and soda--very high in carbs. Yet, they are skinny. They aren't healthy or lean--they are just skinny and undermuscled with unhealthy organs. The point here is you can be thin as a rail, even if you eat mostly carbs.
  4. Don't waste your time counting calories. Most people never do this right, and the whole process turns into an excuse to overeat. It doesn't work.
  5. You got too fat one bite at a time. You lose that fat the same way.
  6. You cannot exercise off the results of overeating, despite the hype from gyms that sign people up to exercise incorrectly. What you can do is not overeat in the first place.
  7. Right-size your body by right-sizing your meals.
  8. Single digit body fat on six meals a day. The key is small meals.
  9. You can become obese, even if all you eat is bean sprouts. Quantity matters.
  10. What you eat determines how healthy you are. How much you eat determines how fat you are. Of course, if you eat more calorie-dense foods, you get fatter faster.
  11. A great body is built in the kitchen, not in the gym. But the process begins at the grocery store.
  12. Are you eating at restaurants and trying to lose fat? If so, I wonder if you drive a car with one foot on the gas and one on the brake. Unless you are in the habit of scraping 2/3 of your meal off your plate as soon as your meal arrives, throwing that away, and eating only what is left, you will have to choose between eating out and eating right.
  13. There is no obesity virus. This is a lame hypothesis (it's not even to theory status--look up both words in the dictionary) designed to make an excuse for overeating.
  14. Yes, there is a fat gene. I have it. I'm not fat. Genetics does not cause obesity. Overeating does.
  15. Regimens that involve food combinations, food timing, and other gyrations don't--in themselves--cause you to right-size your body (or if they do, there is nothing credible that proves they do). The fussing over following these regimens makes you more aware of your food, and thus more likely to reduce portion size.

    One such plan, for example, says not to mix beans and rice. But this is actually an ideal combination because it makes a completed protein. Another plan claims your blood type determines the kind of food you should eat--and it has a seemingly great explanation for this. But there's no authoritative proof for this plan anywhere. These kinds of plans work because they make you stop and think about what you're eating--rather than just mindlessly shoveling it down as most people do.
  16. A gastric bypass is a dumb idea. You did not get fat because your body has normal plumbing. You got fat because you ate too much. So the fix isn't to mutilate your body. The fix is to eat less.
  17. You do not have to starve to eat right. But eating right may mean being a bit hungry at times. Deal with it. You're not going to starve, just because you're hungry. Learn the difference.
  18. Do not keep a food diary. This is looking backwards. Instead, write down what you are going to eat. Plan all six of your meals each day. Look at what your plan says, and bring only that to the table. No seconds, no extras. This is a proven method for losing fat. If you want to right-size your body, right-size your meals this way. You automatically exclude hunger from the portion size selection equation this way.
  19. Don't listen to people brag about the great results they had with Diet X. People have a way of exaggerating their successes. Diets don't work, and we all know that. Why do so many people persist in this form of self-delusional desperation?
  20. Right-sizing your meals will right-size your body and this means you will right-size your healthcare costs. Most of what we call "healthcare" is disease care. True healthcare happens in the kitchen, not in the doctor's office or hospital.




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