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5 Exercises for Travelers or Busy Executives

by Craig Ballantyne,

Bodyweight Fitness: 5 New Turbulence Training Exercises to Help Busy Executives Burn Belly Fat Now

Want to know a hidden secret way to exercise anytime, anywhere that will allow you to burn belly fat without equipment?

I know that from headaches to belly fat, office stress can kill your health and your body. With your busy schedule filled with client meetings and appointments, there’s practically no time to exercise, let alone do one of those one hour long workouts you did when you first joined the corporate world.

Fortunately, you can get more fat loss results in less workout time than ever before with my top five bodyweight exercises.

You can forget the fancy machines, expensive gym memberships, or sharing equipment with sweaty strangers. You can do this workout at home before or after work. You can even close your office door and do this entire workout while everyone else is out for lunch.

5 Bodyweight Training Exercises to Help the Busiest Executives Reduce Stress & Lose Fat Fast:

1.  The Prisoner Squat

This turbulence training bodyweight exercise stretches your chest and works your entire body, including your upper back (an area of stress for many busy executives).

To perform this exercise, start with your hands behind your head, and elbows back. Pull your shoulder blades together to exercise your upper back and relieve your stress. Start with your feet shoulder width apart, and push your hips back and squat until your thighs are parallel to the floor. Sit back as if you were sitting into a chair. Pause briefly at the bottom and stand back up to the start position. Do this fifteen times.

2. The Decline Pushup

This turbulence training body weight exercise is a harder variation of the regular pushup. To effectively perform this exercise, place your feet on a bench, chair, or step, so your feet are at least 6 inches off the ground. Start with your hands just wider than shoulder width apart. Brace your abs, and bend your arms to lower your chest to the floor. Stop one inch above the ground and press back up to the start position. Do this fifteen times. Feel the burn and see how ready you are for the busy day ahead of you.

3. Split Squats

Follow the pushup with a set of split squats. To complete this turbulence training bodyweight exercise, step one leg forward. Move your other leg back so it looks like you are making a slightly larger than normal step. Do this close to a wall so you can use your hands for balance if necessary.

Now, balance on your front foot and on the ball of your back foot. Your back heel will be off the ground for the entire exercise. Bend your back knee. Start the movement by dropping your hips straight down until your back knee is two inches above the ground. Press through your front leg to stand back up. Do eight repetitions for one leg and then switch sides and repeat.

4. Mountain Climbers

This turbulence training bodyweight exercise works your abs, your chest, and your legs. Get into the pushup position. Brace your abs. Now lift one foot and bring your knee to your chest. Touch the foot down, and then return it to the start position. Alternate sides and complete ten repetitions for each side.

5. Stick Ups

To finish the circuit, you will do a turbulence training bodyweight exercise called “Stick-ups”. Stand with your feet six inches from the wall. Now place your back, butt and head flat against the wall. Put your arms overhead as if someone told you to “Stick-em up!”.

Keep your hands, wrists, elbows and shoulders against the wall. Now slowly slide your arms down the wall and tuck your elbows into your sides. Again, keep your arms and back against the wall. No cheating! Do this exercise twelve times.

Do these five exercises in a circuit, without resting between exercises. When you’ve completed the circuit once, rest one or two minutes and repeat the circuit two more times. You’ll feel great, boost your metabolism, and sculpt your body without spending a penny.

You might have been skeptical about the effectiveness of bodyweight training. But after going through that weightless, no equipment workout, you’ll have no doubt that bodyweight training can burn body fat, boost metabolism, and work your muscles hard.


About the Author:

Creator of the Revolutionary Turbulence Training System, Craig Ballantyne has helped millions of busy executives worldwide lose fat while gaining muscle at the same time with just 3 short but intense workouts a week. For a FREE, Immediate Controversial Fat Loss Report and FREE Turbulence Training Newsletter containing free tips to help you maximize metabolism, build muscle and gain workout success go to

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