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When it comes to building a strong, healthy body, Supplecity can help you kick your program to the next level. Regardless of your age, athletic background, or schedule.

We offer sound advice that regular people can put to use to get amazing results.

  • At left is a picture of Mark (our founder), taken on his 60th birthday.
  • Below that, another at age 60 followed by two taken when he was 56.
  • At right, top: Age 52 doing a flying kick (what height!).
  • At right, bottom: Age 52 doing a spinning reverse kick. His foot is actually traveling in the direction of his right heel.

You'll find free advice right here on supplecity.

Many people look at the ripped body that isn't overly bulked up and make remarks like, "You must be a runner" or (the well-intentioned insult), "How do you stay so skinny?"

This is not a skinny body and it's certainly not a runner's body. Not with a back like that. It does not take long hours at the gym to get this kind of musculature. It simply takes correct training on a regular basis and a sound diet.

I do 6 weight workouts a week, and they take about 30 minutes each. Is that too much time? I also spends zero time getting prescription medications filled or in any way dealing with sickness.


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You can have a kick-ass body. And you can do it without ridiculous workout regimens, crazy diets, or costly personal trainers.


"Twenty years from now, I will still have a lean, powerful physique. And twenty years from now, most guys my age will be dead." Mark Lamendola, spoken at age 57.

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Photo above taken at age 60

Photo above and below taken at age 56.