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Review of: TRESemme Anti-Frizz Smoothing Creme

You will probably like the TRESemme Anti-Frizz Smoothing Creme product. It does help hair stay put. I tried it for several days, and got reasonably good results with it. To give it a good trial, I first washed my hair to remove a competing hair cream (not creme, there is a difference that I will get to later) and the olive oil I often apply.

The first thing I noticed upon opening the container is there was no nauseating smell. That's unusual in "personal care" products, most of which I cannot stand. It does have a fragrance, due in part to an added fragrance (probably best left out, but they added it) and ingredients such as mineral oil (the number two ingredient).

It's most likely the mineral oil that does the "heavy lifting" of this product. Mineral oil, also known as paraffin oil, is a byproduct of petroleum. It's a common ingredient in make-up. When I was a kid, we had a big bottle of it for skin care. It was also commonly applied to baby's bottoms and used to clean our ears. I think it's also used to remove ticks and do other sorts of First Aid. Organizations such as WHO have decreed mineral oil to be non-toxic, at least if applied to the skin.

That's the only oil in this product, at least as far as I can tell from the ingredients label. There are other petroleum products in it, though.

Now, I understand that a hair cream contains various oils such as flax or avocado but a creme does not. Typically, both contain petroleum products. Both also tend to contain various glycols and alcohols. You'll find these and similar ingredients in shampoos and conditioners, too.

I'm not a big proponent of using products that contain these ingredients, much preferring more natural products and methods for hair and scalp care. It's also true that I don't eat meat, wheat, corn, or soy for the same reasons (avoiding toxicity). If you eat those foods, wear polyester, and wash with detergent rather than soap (most bath "soap" sold on the market isn't soap), then you have no reason to reject this creme. It's probably one of the better ones out there.

Note that not being a big proponent is different from being against something. I view the toxicity risk of this creme to be well below that of, say, your typical shampoo. And it really does a good job of control, something that is important to a person with curly hair like mine. I really don't want to have to fuss with my hair just to keep a colic down or balance curls that are stubbornly uneven. If I can put a few dabs of something on it to make quick work of the task, I'm happy.

I mentioned the lack of a nauseating smell. To me, it's very important not to carry a chemical stench around on my skin or in my hair. I don't mind leaving this product in my hair, because it's not going to make me stink. I have allergies, but this creme does not trigger an allergic response.

A final note is that this comes in a user-friendly tube. Good packaging is rare, but welcome when I see it.



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