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Review of: KT TAPE PRO Synthetic Elastic Kinesiology Tape

I first encountered kinesiology tape when undergoing treatment for a herniated disk in my neck. When the doctor explained the tape, I was dubious. His pitch sounded logical, but I still had my doubts. And it was pretty pricey.

It may be important to note that I had a really bad condition. My C1 had been jammed so hard into the opening at the base of my skull that the chiropractor was unable to pull it out. Even after 30 minutes on the traction machine, it was stuck in there. I was in a lot of pain, and this severe dislocation threatened my other disks. C4 was the one that had herniated, and the x-ray showed C2 and C3 were looking marginal. They could burst at any time, and that would set off a chain of events in my spine.

Because of these factors, I didn't want to fool around with this condition. I wanted it to heal as quickly as possible. Aggressive treatment was the route I wanted to take.

So the doctor applied KT TAPE PRO Synthetic Elastic Kinesiology Tape and told me me to come back the next day. That tape worked overnight, helping calm things down so that my nerves were no longer misfiring and causing my own muscles to lock my neck into the wrong position.

The doctor performed a chiropractic adjustment on my back and then on my neck just up to C4. Then he said he would try to rotate my head for the correct alignment that would allow him to maybe extract C1 with a simple pulling motion. He said it would be slow and steady, and to expect a loud pop but to stay as relaxed as possible.

When that sucker popped, the headache I'd had for the last three days immediately went away. He held my neck in that position for a few minutes, then slowly rotated my head so those vertebrae would be in the right place. We went immediately to the traction machine.

After traction, he applied the KT Tape again. Then we began three months of treatment that made heavy use of the KT tape, anti-inflammatory drugs (mostly Ibuprofen), neck traction (four times a day), chiropractic adjustment (twice a week), and posture exercises.

Three different doctors said this was the fastest recovery they had ever seen. My mom's best friend is an RN, and she'd gone through this herself. She was also amazed at the recovery time. She said it might be a record.

She had given me her neck traction machine, which is why I was able to undergo traction 4 times a day (did it from home).  Early on, I had mentioned the tape with a somewhat dubious tone in my voice, and her reply was that tape had consistently shown excellent results. It sure did in my case.

Note that during the time I was using KT Tape, I was still able to take showers (albeit using caution not to drench the tape or soap it up). And I think it helped me with my weight training during the healing process. I had to use caution to train around the pain, so modified exercises that were suboptimal. But when I had the KT Tape applied, there was more leeway in how far I could go. So I was often able to keep the intensity that stimulates the adaptive response (e.g., the various changes the body initiates to promote healing and the building of new muscle after the workout).

I think the ability to consistently get my body into this state explains why my herniated disk recovery time was so short. And it was possible only because of the KT Tape (I tried training without it a few times, and could not achieve intensity). Most weight trainers do not understand the concept of intensity, and I won't explain it here. But it is the "secret" to massive gains in strength (I can, for example, curl more than half my body weight with one hand) and in maintaining high testosterone.

Herniated disks tend to cause issues in other body areas, after the disk has healed (the problems get initiated before the healing is completed). In my case, it was first shoulder problems. Then elbow problems. We used the tape to, yet again, help with the nerve misfiring. Of course, the tape isn't exclusively for addressing nerve misfiring. But that was its primary purpose in my treatments.

Now occasionally, I have situations arise where the tape would be helpful. The woman in my life (I don't like the term "girlfriend" as we are in our 50s and no longer boy and girl but man and woman) is also heavily into weight training and also had great results with the tape. She anticipates needing it again soon. So I have my own roll of it now and will use it when the need arises.




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