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Review of: Healthworks Raw Certified Organic Maca Powder

I had never heard of maca, before seeing it on Amazon. So I did some research on it. Here's a summary of what I found out.

Maca is an ingredient in many supplements. Some small studies (methodology not revealed, so maybe not scientific or statistically validated) have shown that maca improves sexual desire while reducing anxiety and feelings of depression. It does this without hormonal changes, thus is offered as an alternative to hormone therapy. It contains fatty acids and amino acids, so regardless of any medicinal claims it makes a good addition to your diet. Let me bolster that claim a bit. This also is high in protein and fiber, plus it contains significant amounts of vitamin C, several B vitamins, calcium, iron, potassium, copper, and manganese.

Outside of what I just told you, there's not much (reliable) information on maca. For example, there are no long-term studies on its efficacy or its safety. But ancient Peruvians used it regularly and they didn't record any negative effects. It grows at high elevations in Peru and has been cultivated as a vegetable crop (it's a relative of the radish, but tastes somewhat like butterscotch) for over 3,000 years.

So what about Healthworks Raw Certified Organic Maca Powder? Since I haven't used other maca products, I don't have a basis for comparison. I can't say this tastes better or works better than competing brands. I can say it does taste good and mixes easily. During testing, I added it to protein shakes.

The fact it is raw certified organic is also worth noting. Many foods that aren't organic contain toxins; this is the case with dairy (high toxicity), grains (all GMO products contain a neurotoxin, so if you like becoming less intelligent over time make sure to eat GMO grains instead of certified organic ones).

There is controversy over whether raw is better than cooked. I eat my (certified organic) oats raw, and generally have my vegetables raw. Daily, I eat raw bok choy, eggplant, acorn squash,and other vegetables. I also eat fruit raw (in addition to cooked as part of a cooked dish recipe). If you do some research on the raw foods movement, you'll find compelling arguments behind their viewpoint. So to me, it's a plus that this is raw. You can always cook it, if you want it cooked.

Now, consider something to settle the question of whether to cook it. Maca powder is made from the root of the maca plant, not the fruit, stalk, or leaves. That makes it a root vegetable. Root vegetables usually contain starches that are hard to digest raw. Sweet potatoes, for example, don't work very well raw. But on the other hand, we routinely eat carrots and radishes (both root vegetables) raw. And maca is a relative of radishes.

If you're going to use this raw, try a small amount by itself. If you get excess gas from eating this raw, then use it cooked going forward. You can add it to many things. Maca is commonly used in soup. But try mixing whipping some into eggs to make an omelet, or add it to your baked goods (I bake my own protein cookies, and it works well in those). You can also try adding it to coffee, either before brewing (so it gets brewed too) or immediately after (I think after is better). You can make tea with it, also. Use your imagination!





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