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Review of Infinite Labs Cyclo Bolan

I've been using supplements for many years, and am quite familiar with this product space. I have my favorites, based on results. I've also made a huge effort to tap authoritative sources rather than just have an opinion.

When it comes to testosterone boosters or products that claim to boost testosterone, I used to undergo a before and after testosterone test. I no longer do that, because it's not cheap and I don't need to because there are existing lab results and studies of most of the ingredients used in such supplements.

Let's look at what Cyclo Bolan has in it. We'll start by looking at the Cyclo Bolan Blend. We'll go in order of the bottle's list of ingredients, which are in order from largest amount to smallest; the first ingredient listed is the one in the largest amount.

  • Tribulus Terrestris Extract. This substance has been shown to have zero effect on testosterone. Yet, it's the major ingredient in this formulation. Why do people believe it has any effect on testosterone? Because the industry can produce studies showing it does--among users of anabolic steroids. If you're not sticking needles in your butt every day, you can consider this substance to be inert--just as your body does.
  • Nettle Root. It has medicinal value for treating urinary tract infections and prostate problems. There's no evidence whatsoever that it boosts your testosterone. Note that Saw Palmetto, which urologists recommend for prostate problems, actually reduces testosterone. Maybe this does, also.
  • Horny Goat Weed. It contains chemicals that appear to increase blood flow and thus improve sexual function. But it also contains phytoestrogens, chemicals that act somewhat like the female hormone estrogen. That's in a testosterone booster?
  • Cordyceps. This is a fungus that lives on caterpillars. It allegedly helps lower cholesterol and treat other conditions. It's not alleged to boost testosterone.
  • L-Histidine. This is an essential amino acid (essential means it's one your body can't make). It's required for making histamine. If you take anti-histamines due to allergies, you might not want to consume large quantities of this.
  • Black Pepper Extract. Black pepper is believed to help the body burn fat, and is documented to help the body rid itself of cancer cells. In fact, when combined with circumin (turmeric, the substance that gives mustard its color) the cancer fighting properties of the two multiply rather than merely add. We are at the number six ingredient, the first one with any real benefits, and it still has zero effect on testosterone.
  • Yohimbine. This does have a positive effect on testosterone. But it has potentially fatal side effects, so the FDA limits the amount in a supplement to what it considers negligible.
  • DHEA. Like yohimbine, this has a positive effect on testosterone. But there's hardly any in this product.

So as you can see, the first six of the eight ingredients either have no effect on testosterone or actually lower it. The last two are not present in an efficacious dose.

Now let's look at the nutrition panel. Slightly better news, here.

  • Vitamin D3. 7500 IU, and 1875% of the RDA. Please note that the RDA has been shown in extensive research involving thousands of professional athletes, to be about 25% of what the body actually needs. And doses greatly exceeding that appear to have no deleterious effects. However, absorption via the gut (as is the case here) is compromised. A sublingual spray absorbs much better. This dose, however, overcomes the absorption problem.
  • Vitamin B6. 2.5mg, and 125% of the RDA. No harm here, but if you have a B vitamin deficiency you need to take a B vitamin complex. And you need plenty of vitamin C for your body to use that B. No C added to this formulation.
  • Magnesium, 111.3, and 20% of the RDA. Low magnesium causes all kinds of health problems, and the typical American diet is severely deficient in magnesium. So this helps.
  • Zinc. 7.4mg and 45% of the RDA. Low zinc does result in low testosterone, so this helps. But a bottle of 100 zinc tablets is only a couple of bucks.
  • Caffeine. 50mg. That's equivalent to half a cup of coffee. Not bad, just don't take this supplement before bed.
  • L-theanine. It helps you relax.

The front of the label on the bottle says this "may" support sex drive, libido, testosterone levels, muscle size, and strength. That's as accurate as saying pigs "may" fly. If you are looking to improve any of those, this supplement is not going to help.

If you are on the typical American diet, you need to replace grain with green. This is a foundational step in personal health care. More than anything else, the grain-based diet (including corn based sweeteners) lowers testosterone. And it does so dramatically. Before wasting your money on supplements with dubious ingredients, fix your problem at its source.




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