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Review of: Schick Hydro 5 Razor

I own a competing product to the Schick Hydro 5 razor, so have some basis for comparison. I like this product better than the one I was using.

Before talking about the razor, let's do a line by by line analysis of the product description (as posted on Amazon).

"Schick hydro 5 disposable razors are the only grooming products that hydrates your skin during shaving and reduces irritation."

  • Translation to English: "The Shick Hydro 5 disposable razor is the only grooming product that hydrates your skin during shaving, to reduce irritation."
  • Analysis: Obviously a false statement. Shaving gel is a grooming product. What does it do?

"Five ultra glide blades with skin guards, reduce friction between the skin and the cartridge for a less irritating shave."

  • Translation to English: "The five blades have skin guards to reduce friction between the skin and the cartridge, reducing irritation while you shave."
  • Analysis: I found no evidence of guards on the blades. Maybe the writer meant something else, but I don't see what it is.

"Unique hydrating gel reservoir lasts up to 2 times longer than ordinary lubrication strips."

  • Translation to English: "Lubricant in the hydrating gel reservoir lasts up to 2 times longer than the lubricant in ordinary lubrication strips."
  • Analysis: Does anyone shave without a gel or foam? Why is there a lubricant on the razor? And I think those lubrication strips on the various razors I have used are just Teflon or plastic. They outlast the metal blades because they do not rust and hair is not going to abrade them away. So this statement strikes me as just so much hyperbole.

"Only disposable with a flip trimmer. Engage the trimmer with your thumb and use on hard to reach areas for precise trimming."

  • No translation needed.
  • Analysis. I can't find the flip trimmer.

Now, you might be thinking that by this point I'm getting annoyed with Schick and with this product. Not so. I just found the product description to be inexcusably sloppy.

What about the razor itself? The shave is not as close as what I get from the 5-blade Gillette I own. Maybe those mysterious skin guards are reducing friction between my whiskers and the cartridge.

Thus, after my first shave I was not impressed. After about my fourth shave, that started to change. You see, something I really hate about my Gillette razor is the blades don't last more than a few days.

Gillette's prices on the 5-razor cartridge packs are so high that I'm simply not going to buy any more. The last time I was going to buy these, I considered the price and walked away. The Gillette 5-blade razors might not gouge you when shaving, but you get gouged when you buy them. I have opted out.

So on day four of using this Schick Hydro 5, I was still shaving comfortably. With the Gillette, it's dicey by this time. And, yes, I do dry off my blades after each use; maybe my method of patting on a towel doesn't get the moisture off the backside or something. I also tried keeping the Gillette in olive oil, but that didn't work out very well.

I kept going with this Schick. It's been three weeks, which in Gillette blade time is about 25 bucks. I'm still on that first disposable cartridge and it feels the same as day one.

That is impressive. I really don't care about getting a super close shave because, surprise, my whiskers grow back out and that "close shave" doesn't last long. It's just not worth the exorbitant price that Gillette charges.

I can't tell you how long these cartridges last, because this one is still going strong after three weeks. I'm not merely impressed, I'm amazed.

You save money with this product vs. the Gillette counterpart. Not only do the Schick cartridges outlast the Gillette ones by an order of magnitude, they also cost less to replace! You save two ways.

To my way of thinking, Schick got it right. I'm going to stick with Schick.




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