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Review of: Progenex

Progenex is effective post-workout nutrition. I tried it after several grueling workouts, and was pleased with the results. Those workouts included front squats, back and biceps, chest and triceps, shoulders, and abs/calves. Pretty much the gamut.

Progenex comes in premeasured , easy to open, convenient pouches. You can toss one in your gym bag, and then after your workout mix it up in your shaker cup to get post-workout nutrition that shortens your recovery time and helps you pack on new muscle.

The product is a whey protein and fructose carb blend, which is exactly what you need after a hard training session. I think itís just the right amount of each of these macronutrients.

Itís important to understand a few things about proteins, if you want to understand why this product is so effective.

Various kinds of proteins absorb at different rates. Whey absorbs very quickly. The best time to consume whey is immediately after a workout. For other times, other proteins are better suited to building a lean, strong body.

How much protein a person can consume at one sitting is a bit open to debate, but the range is around 40g. Thatís why many protein powders and meal replacement powders offer 40g in two scoops.

But that 40g is a funny number. It assumes youíre eating something like eggs or milk (which is really a protein blend), rather than whey. Because whey enters the blood so quickly rather than over time, your body will shuttle some to the muscles and begin converting the rest to fat. How much whey can you consume? Itís not that 40g. Over the years, Iíve come to believe itís about half that. And thatís the amount of protein in a packet of Progenex.

Right after a workout, your muscles are depleted of glycogen. Your ability to utilize carbs (rather than turn them to fat) is at its peak during this time. Ingesting carbs with your protein helps with protein uptake into the muscles.

Waiting until you get home to feed your muscles isnít a smart move if you want shorter recoveries and better results. With Progenex, you donít have to wait. And you will get the right nutrition every time. Build more muscle. Save more money. What's not to like?



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