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PowerBar Proteinplus Drink Mix Review

PowerBar Proteinplus Drink Mix is a protein supplement that mixes easily and tastes good. Unlike many products on the market today, it contains no junk or toxins. It's just good nutrition.

PowerBar Proteinplus Drink Mix is actually an MRP (Meal Replacement Powder), because it contains measurable amounts of all three macronutrients. Each serving contains 20g of Powerbar's "Trisource" protein blend, 7g of quality carbs, and 2g of healthy fat.

  • The protein blend is isolated soy and whey concentrate (from milk), giving you a good initial protein surge (whey) followed by a sustained release (casein and soy).
  • The carbs come from fructose, the natural sugar in fruit.
  • The fats come from high oleic safflower oil and soy lecithin. Many fat loss experts refer to lecithin as leciTHIN because of its fat loss promotion properties.

In addition to having different delivery/absorption rates, the three proteins have different amino acid profiles and differing amounts of the BCCAs.

One of the mistakes body builders make is sucking down 40 to 50g of whey two or three times a day under the mistaken notion this feeds their muscles. It does not. Whey is a short molecule that enters the bloodstream rapidly. At some point, probably around 20g, you get an excess because the muscles can't take up the whey fast enough. The body responds to the excess by converting it to fat (in the liver).

One solution is to forego whey altogether, except immediately after a workout. Another is to consume whey as part of a blend. You can use both approaches together; just don't suck down more whey than your body can use at one time.PowerBar Proteinplus Drink Mix makes it easy to get the advantages of whey without the drawbacks.

If you want more carbs, you can simply add them to a shake made from PowerBar Proteinplus Drink Mix. If you follow standard bodybuilding best practices, you consume three small whole food meals and three small protein or MRP shake based meals a day. For one of the latter, you can add raw oats to a shake made from PowerBar Proteinplus Drink Mix. If you want some healthy fats, toss in a few walnut pieces (if eating with a spoon) or add a teaspoon of flaxseed oil.

What about after a workout? After, say, squats, when your muscles have really been hammered and you really need carbs fast? Easy. Just add a handful of raisins. With PowerBar Proteinplus Drink Mix, you have a solid foundation from which you can customize a drink to meet your specific needs.

We are so pleased with PowerBar Proteinplus Drink Mix that we are offering a way for you to get your own supply. Just click on the product name, anywhere in this article.

For the safety-minded, you can rest easy with PowerBar Proteinplus Drink Mix  This product does not contain:

  • Folic acid. Artificially derived folic acid is such a potent carcinogen, that one bowl of cereal made with it doubles a man's risk of prostate cancer. You will find this poison in many "food" products and supplements.
  • Hydrogenated oil. This toxin isn't a risk factor for colon cancer. It's a cause. You will find this poison in most processed foods.
  • High fructose corn syrup. The number of diseases linked to this poison is staggering. Reduced brain function and loss of lean mass are also among its effects. It's an endocrine modifier, and a very nasty one at that.



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