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Review of: Night Therapy Spring 12 Inch Euro Box Top Spring Mattress, Queen


The Night Therapy Spring 12 Inch Euro Box Top Spring Mattress, Queen provides a very comfortable sleeping experience. I've been using mattresses for over five and a half decades. At one time, I travelled frequently so sampled many mattresses in hotels and motels. I've also slept on guest bedroom beds, blanket pallets on the floor, fold-out couches, air mattresses, water beds, and other types of beds.

Not all of these were what I'd call comfortable. The last time I bought a mattress in a retail store, I was presented with a dizzying array of choices. Same as the time before that! The sales people weren't much help. Basically, they would ask, "What firmness level do you want?" As if I had a way of knowing how firmness levels are measured and what the measurements translate to for my body. If you've shopped for a mattress, you can probably relate to this. I will talk more about my mattress buying experience and about my experience with this one in particular, after providing you the nut of this review.

The Night Therapy Sleeping Experience

The key to me is the pillow top. This is what gives you that cushion between your body and the hardness of a firm mattress. You sink down a little into it,  but not enough to to adversely affect your posture or body alignment. A firm mattress, in my experience (and in theory as I understand it) is essential for preventing backaches and other problems. A soft, sagging mattress will hurt your back. You need the support. The trade-off is you get more pressure on your hips and shoulders (if sleeping on your side). A waterbed provides a self-adjusting contour-matching support system, but such a bed has other problems. Combining a firm mattress with just the right pillow top gives you the support of the firm mattress and the pressure point relief of the soft, saggy one.

I actually tried two, not just one, of the Night Therapy mattresses. More on that, later (if you want to read it). The first one was slightly damaged, probably about 95% good after I repaired it. I always use a thick mattress pad. You can think of that pad as a second pillow top of sorts, though the "give" is much less. The first thing I noticed when I lay on the bed was that I sank right into that mattress pad / pillow top combination and it felt custom-made for me. The angles of my joints stayed where they should, which means the mattress itself was providing firm support.

The second mattress also provided a sublime sleeping experience. I didn't notice any difference between the two, but a difference is hard to measure. I think also it matters that the few remaining little ridges in the pillow top are near the end of the mattress and not where my weight would be.

Now, I'm giving a subjective account. I didn't use any instruments to measure mattress deflection, spring compression, etc. I didn't take any data. I've slept on enough mattresses to feel confident in forming my own opinion, and in my opinion both mattresses were supremely comfortable.

One of the issues I have when sleeping is I must turn over several times during the night. My body fat is usually around 5%, which means I don't have much padding. I rely on that mattress system. Usually, the impetus for turning over is the side I'm lying on lets me know in some way or another. With either of the night therapy mattresses, I don't recall needing to turn over. So whatever the technical details of the mattress construction (and those do look impressive), the fact is that system prevents the pressure point discomfort that I have considered normal for so long. Yay!

My Last Shopping Experience

After trying several mattresses by lying down on them for a half minute or so, I just asked if they had a Sealy Posturepedic with a pillow top. I'd never had a pillow top before. Well, they had one with two pillowtops, one on either side. So you could flip it over every month; the one on the bottom would be flattened by the weight and lose any peaks or valleys it developed. That mattress worked out great.

Why I Tried the Night Therapy

I'd been thinking about replacing that mattress, primarily because a neighbor (who has subsequently moved) worked for a mattress store and kept telling me my mattress was old and due for a replacement. But it didn't sag and was, in my opinion, as firm and comfortable as the day I bought it. What stopped me from shopping for a replacement was the process of going through unknown mattresses and not having any real guide to what the heck my hard-earned money would bring home.

I'm an Amazon Vine reviewer, and this mattress came up as an item for review. Maybe a solution? Before clicking on Send Me This Item, I looked at all the information about it. I was duly impressed.

Something's Wrong

So this mattress arrived and I followed the unpacking instructions. One of those was to wait 48 hours before actually putting it on the bed (later, the manufacturer told me that is just a precaution for any mattress not shipped directly from them). But the pillow top just did not flatten out. It had high ridges and deep valleys. I contacted the manufacturer to see what I could do about that (also sent them photos).

After some discussion, I said I would just lay it flat upside down for a few days and let the weight of the mattress work on that pillow top. The support person said that was a good idea and it "might work," and to let him know how that turned out. While this repair attempt was in progress, I got an e-mail with the tracking number of a replacement!

Since the new mattress was already on its way and the damaged one was still in its "repair by inversion" process, I figured there was no reason to cancel the shipment. Besides, the support person was not confident that my repair method would work and he didn't want me to judge their product by a damaged sample.

As it turned out, two days of being upside down allowed the weight of the mattress to compress the pillow top flat again, leaving only a few tiny ridges near one end. I waited half a day with that mattress on its back again, and then put it on my bed. As noted above, that was a very comfortable sleeping experience. The pillow bounced back to its normal shape shortly after I got up the following morning.

I slept on this mattress the next several nights. Ah, how sweet it is.

The Manufacturer's Replacement

The manufacturer's replacement arrived, and I let that mattress expand overnight instead of "a few hours" as stated in the instructions that came with it. Then again, I went through the mattress swapping drill. That night, I slept on the second mattress. Yet again, I was treated to the perfect combination of cushion and support.

I really like this product. It's well-designed, and the delivery method eliminates hassle. And as I said, it provides a very comfortable sleeping experience.

The only downside might be the disposal of your old mattress, but that sort of problem is readily solved in any number of ways. You just won't have the mattress company picking up your old one and charging you $20 for the privilege. You can set it out for free on your community's large pickup day, ask your waste disposal company for advice, or (if it's in good shape) contact a local charity to come pick it up as as donation.

No matter what you do with your old mattress (if you are replacing it with one of these), you will sleep better at night with a Night Therapy mattress.



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