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Review of Nature's Wonder Calcium, Magnesium, and Zinc, 150 capsules

I've been using supplements for many years, and am quite familiar with this product space. I have my favorites, based on results.

Nature's Wonder Calcium, Magnesium, and Zinc is in tablet form, not capsule form. I hope they will correct the product label. These are tablets. And something I really like is it takes three tablets to get the full dosage. That means you don't try to choke down one tablet the size of a small horse. And you can take less than three if you don't want the full dose.

I also like the fact it doesn't have an adult-proof cap. You can actually open this without a chain saw.

This is not the first calcium/magnesium supplement I've tried, but this one also contains zinc (vital for supporting testosterone). I've been supplementing with these nutrients a long time, because inadequate levels of any of them can result in any of a long list of maladies. But I don't supplement daily and don't usually take the full dose.

Here are my reasons why. If one or more does not apply to you, then you need more magnesium than I do:

  • These are already in the multivitamin I take. Not in large amounts, but there.
  • I don't eat the inflammation, obesity, and cancer diet that most Americans prefer over real food. This diet interferes with magnesium absorption while simultaneously increasing the body's need for magnesium. Today's wheat is the main culprit, and it should be 100% excluded from your diet.
  • My diet is high in high-magnesium foods. For example, I eat raw spinach several times a day. My diet is high in high-calcium foods. For example, I eat bok choy, kale, broccoli, and other nutrient bombs every day.

If you are on a grain-based, rather than green-based, diet you probably have a deficiency of all three of these nutrients. And you probably have assorted problems, including low testosterone (yes, that includes you ladies too). Supplementing with this product for a few months while you get your diet straight will definitely help your body recover from your poor diet.

Since my diet already provides me with more than enough of all three of these nutrients why do I bother with a supplement? Because these particular minerals are so important that I want to ensure against a deficiency. For me, it's not a daily thing because it doesn't need to be. About once a week is sufficient. If you're on the grain diet, daily is for you.

For the most part, minerals have become commoditized. So it's difficult to point out how one brand compares to another. But let me try to do that.

I like to evaluate supplements on several metrics:

  • Product packaging. I lean toward simply returning something that requires the Jaws of Life to open. I do not buy something with the goal of never opening the package it comes in. Viva does put a plastic seal on its cap. It does require more than a fingernail to peel back, so maybe not the most points there. But, wait. Simply giving the cap a good twist will also remove the seal. Opens without a problem. This leads to the inner seal. Some companies us a toxic aluminum foil seal that will invariably leave particles of this toxic metal on the contents; I once bought a jar of coconut oil with such a seal and was aghast at the stupidity of the manufacturer. This seal is one with the built-in tab, and it is easily removed.
  • Capsule/tablet quality. I've seen capsules that fall apart and capsules that are in bits. This is bad. I poured these out and did not find one broken tablet. Yay!
  • Nausea effect. Well, these minerals won't give you nausea. So this inherently passes that test.
  • Sugar coating. Some supplement makers put a sugar coating or other unhealthy coating on their products. No such problem here.
  • Dosage. This is where you really need to worry. I've seen preworkout supplements with megadoses of B vitamins (these do nothing for improving your workout) and such high doses do tax your system. With minerals, you need to be careful to stay below the toxicity levels. Three of these tablets will give you 1000mg of calcium (77% of the RDA), 400 mg of magnesium (95% of RDA), and 15mg of zine (136% of RDA). So, it's a safe dosage. And if you take one or two tablets, you of course reduce the dosage.

A note on the RDA. The recommended values are based on many factors that may not apply to a given individual. For example, if your Vitamin D is sufficient (four times the RDA) and you're on a nutrient-dense, grain-free diet, then you get more than enough calcium in your diet even though it may be below the RDA. The RDA for calcium was arrived at based on insufficient Vitamin D. The body in low-D mode has problems absorbing using the calcium, so you take more to make up for this.

If you are on the typical American diet, you need to replace grain with green. This is a foundational step in personal health care. During the transition phase, while your body is detoxing and nutrient absorption is probably encumbered, add multi-mineral supplement to your program. This looks like a good one, to me.




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