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Review of: Nature's Bounty Whole Fruit Concentrate Cranberry Complex with Hibiscus

Nature's Bounty Whole Fruit Concentrate Cranberry Complex with Hibiscus is positioned as a "Women's Health" product (says so right on the box). But men get UI infections, too. So this kind of supplement isn't just for women. And UI can become serious. Deadly serious.

My dad, in fact, underwent the barbaric torture of several government-sanctioned protocols for the (mis)treatment for men with cancer of the prostate. Every 10 lbs of excess body fat increases the risk of prostate cancer by an order of magnitude and fat around the lower abdomen is a prostate cancer factory. Testosterone is a very powerful hormone that signals the body to reduce stored fat and build muscle.

So what did the doctors do? They administered drugs to LOWER his testosterone, thus really, really helping that cancer right along. They stretched out this abuse for years, at great expense to taxpayers ($40,000 in one month alone picked up by the govt) and insurance companies. Finally, they roto-rooted his UI tract so that he could not properly flush his bladder. This led to a series of painful, debilitating UI infections, ultimately killing him. I think the rack would have been an easier way to go.

The same bunch of numbskulls (the Farce and Dummy Administration) who let doctors grossly abuse and misuse hormone-altering drugs do not approve this type of supplement for use in the prevention and treatment urinary tract infections. That, even though cranberry has a proven, well-documented efficacy for helping the patient and the common (mis)treatments for prostate cancer have a proven, well-documents efficacy for killing the patient. No reasonable person places any trust whatsoever in what this agency says or does.

You can draw your own conclusions, from that alone. Or you can read the great body of literature showing the efficacy of this supplement.

This particular formulation comes with hibiscus. What the heck is hibiscus? It's a beautiful flower with many health benefits. One of those is it acts as a diuretic, which means it will help you flush out that urinary tract. You can also use this to remove subcutaneous water so your skin looks tighter; a great benefit for body builders and people who like to be seen on the beach.

My duty as a reviewer compelled me to try this supplement to see if it has any effects (it does) and whether they are as mild as they should be (they are). So, good news there.

This last metric is important. Here's an example why. I've tried a few preworkout supplements before catching on to the "code" in the advertising. I don't need something to help me focus during my training sessions, but tried some preworkout supplements that claimed to provide this benefit. What the "code" really means is "heaped with about 4 cups of coffee worth of caffeine, all at once." Many of these are also loaded with insanely high levels of some B vitamins, something that will do nothing to enhance your workout. If you have a B deficiency, you correct that over several days. If you don't have a B deficiency, taking potentially harmful amounts of randomly selected B vitamins will not make you a gorilla in the gym. Perhaps all that excess B will make you temporarily incontinent while your body tries to flush all that out, but not more focused or stronger.

With this supplement, I'm not evaluating taste or mixability or anything related to mixing or chewing because it's a soft gel. I do like the fact it's portable, because taking actual cranberries with you to the office or on a trip poses a big logistical challenge.

On the downside, this supplement contains soy. Unless that is Monsanto-free soy, it's unsafe to eat (all Monsanto-based products are contaminated with a powerful neurotoxin, albeit in small amounts but it's still there and this has been verified by independent labs in multiple European countries). The package does not say the soy is organic. The small amount of soy in the entire bottle of soft gels may not pose a problem, but I have no data to support that idea.

But if you already eat (non-organic) meat, wheat, corn, or soy (including any flours, beverages, or sweetener made from these), then this is a moot issue for you. In fact, my personal solution was to give this supplement to someone who already consumes Monsanto-based foods.

Still, even if you are averse to soy (as I am) it is better to take this supplement than to leave UI untreated. Since the passing of the Unaffordable Care Act, millions of Americans no longer have access to medical care. We must look to products like this in the new DIY environment created by that blatantly illegal legislation.



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