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Review of: Mangroomer

When used as directed, the Professional Mangroomer delivers on its promises. I noticed other reviewers disparaged it but in their remarks it was clear they were not following the simple directions. Don't blame a product if you use it not as intended.

This product and I did not get off to a great start, however. Following the "be sadistic when packaging a product" dictum, the folks at Mangroomer put this in one of those hot-sealed plastic tombs. That's bad enough, as these are notoriously difficult and dangerous to open. But that particular tomb would have made a good storage tray. All they had to do was tape it shut at one end. Instead of this tray, we have a device with attachments and no way to store them.

So my first though was that if the packaging is so terrible can the product be any good? As it turned out, the product was fine (even though getting it out of its plastic was a bad user experience).

Because I model for fitness photos, I need to remove hair for the photo shoots. I can reach my fingertips to any part of my body, but that flexibility is not enough to allow for easy shaving with a standard cartridge-type razor. I found a trick to making this more efficient, and that is to shave my back when it's dry. That also works for the front. But still, not very easy.

With Mangroomer, I was able to do that shaving job efficiently. Because it's electric, it gives you audio feedback in the form of the hairs going "zip zip" and from that I can tell if the angle is correct.

Contrary to some other reviewers' assertions, Mangroomer does not pull hair. But that assumes you use it correctly. I was able to get it to pull hair by simply going too fast. I also got the angle wrong when first working with it and felt those teeth that in two rows on the exterior boundary of the shaving area. By simply reducing pressure, I made this problem go away regardless of the angle.

I have thick, curly hair. If anyone would have pulling problems with this device, I would. But as noted, no pulling unless used incorrectly.

Because I have exceptional flexibility, the 6.5 inch length from handle tip to shaving blades is enough for me. I question whether it will be enough for a person of normal flexibility, should that person desire a cleanly shaven back. Some body shavers come with much longer handles. But for my purposes, it means no longer using a depilatory agent. Those depilatory creams and sprays irritate my skin, and sometimes cause me to break out in a rash. The Mangroomer doesn't irritate my skin at all. The packaging is the only irritating thing about this product.

I like the fold-up charger and have to say this product has an overall handsome appearance. For something that costs about thirty bucks, the Mangroomer is punching well above its paygrade. It's a great value.






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