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Review of Jarrow L-Glutamine 750 mg capsules

I've been using L-Glutamine for a very long time. I'll tell you why, later in this review. This review isn't about L-Glutamine per se, it's about a particular L-Glutamine product. In this case, it's L-Glutamine in a convenient capsule form.

Jarrow L-Glutamine definitely fills a need.

When I travel, I usually have to visit a gym to get a serious workout because my gracious host doesn't have that kind of equipment. This means a delay in post-workout muscle-feeding of this most important amino acid.

There's a delay because I have to drive back from wherever this is to consume anything post-workout unless said gym will allow me to bring and mix something and circumstances are so ideal that I was able to pack it in my luggage.

When you start packing powders, you quickly run into the "tyranny of the containers." There's just too much wasted space and too much "hard shape" to fit with today's constrained luggage requirements. So, it's capsules or nothing.

That's one advantage of having L-Glutamine in capsules.

Another advantage is food compatibility. This didn't occur to me until I was having an omelet. For some reason, I've gotten into the habit of consuming L-Glutamine powder as part of my MRP or protein powder shake. Sure, it's easy enough to just mix it in water and that's probably better from a total amino acid assimilation standpoint. Regardless, I just don't think about L-Glutamine until I'm eating.

Glutamine mixed in water doesn't have a strong or objectionable taste. But mentally, I'm just not keyed to drink a L-Glutamine mix just before chowing down on a tasty omelet.

This capsule form solves that problem. You can quickly consume some extra L-Glutamine at any time.

And yet another thing I like about it is you get an exact serving size every time. Of course, that's possible if you are careful when using a scoop.

Which brings me to one last thing I like about this. Because the L-Glutamine is in capsules, you don't have to worry about accidentally spilling powder all over the countertop and wasting your hard-earned money. We've all been there, done that. However, you do pay for the privilege of capsules so this is offset somewhat. If you never spill anything, the point is completely moot.

I'm not sure what not to like about this. I suppose a downside is you're stuck with servings that are a multiple of 750mg. However, that's a convenient figure to work with.

For those who don't know about L-Glutamine or who think they know but really don't, here's some information.

First of all, it's not something you "take." It's something you eat. I make that distinction whenever referring to something that is food rather than pharma. Protein powders also come under that rubric.

L-Glutamine is the most abundant single amino acid in human blood. It also comprises 61% of the amino acid pool in skeletal muscle. Supplemental L-Glutamine comes in a crystalline form, and is typically sold in tubs of white powder.

However, it's also present in many foods. The problem is those foods don't have enough L-Glutamine to serve the needs of the hard-training bodybuilder or other athlete.

Supplementation with L-Glutamine dramatically reduces recovery time. When I first tried it, I did so on the advice of a professional athlete (an All-Star Wrestler I met by happenstance).

At the time, performing front squats would leave me massively sore for about 10 days. In fact, during the first couple of days following squats I could hardly walk. Not only did my quads and hamstrings hurt, but my abs and ribcage were tender (doing these properly, you work far more than your quads). There was also the problem of feeling totally wasted until a few days passed; this was a huge productivity hit plus I just did not like feeling that way. So I did squats once a month and sometimes skipped a month.

With the L-Glutamine, all this went away. It's like some kind of shield that prevents massive teardown, if taken daily. This allowed me to stimulate, not annihilate my muscles. I was having a similar problem with calf-raises, which L-Glutamine solved.

So, yes, I am a confirmed fan of L-Glutamine supplementation. It works for me.



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