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Review of Jarrow Ashwaganda capsules

I first heard of ashwaganda about a year ago, while researching ways to boost testosterone. Based on what I found, this looked like an effective supplement for that purpose. Most other supplements hawked as T-boosters are mere placebos. Due to craziness in the FDA, there are limits on what you can say a supplement does. You have to use words like "may" even though you can measure the effects.

Ashwaganda is generally marketed as something that "supports resistance to fatigue" and this helps it pass under the radar of gatekeepers who pounce on any claims of hormone effects. But that does understate its effects.

It's been a long time since I bought a testosterone saliva test kit and submitted a sample for analysis. So unfortunately, I do not have "before" and "after" lab data. That means this review is subjective. Well, most of it anyhow.

First, the objective part.

You can read about ashwaganda on your own, and draw your own conclusions. It's an Indian herb that's been in use for a very long time, so there's plenty of  information about it. The problem with buying ashwaganda is the supplement industry is unregulated and there are many dishonest brand owners.

You could buy Brand X ashwaganda, and then compare "before" and "after" testosterone measurements. And find no difference. But that would almost certainly mean the brand is lying about what's in the capsules. This is a very common problem with this particular supplement. The solution is to go with a trusted brand. I have tried other Jarrow supplements, and my findings agree with the solid reputation of this brand. If they say something, you can trust them. At least, that has been my experience.

OK, now the subjective part.

I stopped using the other brand of ashwaganda I've been using, so that I could test the Jarrow brand for the purpose of this review. I have noticed no decrease in strength, no increase in recovery times, and no general symptoms of reduced testosterone. I train hard with weights 5 or 6 days a week, plus I climb and I practice martial arts. That is extremely demanding for anybody, which is one reason I use supplements.

If you're going to buy a supplement that "supports resistance to fatigue" then pay attention to the brand. Yes, there may be a no-name brand that is honest. And you could try it to see how it performs. There could also be a big-name brand that offers a debased version of ashwaganda, so I don't mean buy from only big, well-known brands. If you analyze the "preworkout" supplements offered by most big brands in that space, you will understand my point.

Look at that brand's honesty and overall quality. I have found Jarrow to always be a trustworthy brand. Also, their price is competitive which is a bonus to me.






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