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Review of: FISHER Unsalted Dry Roast Peanuts, 14 Ounce


Normally, I eat salted mixed nuts. I have a handful or two nearly every day. Salt isn't bad for you, as many people believe. The trick is to not overdo it. Since my diet is about 80% produce, I'm not consuming the many sodium sources common in the typical "let's get sick" American diet.

Nuts are a great addition to a healthy diet because they are a bonanza of nutrients including manganese and healthy fats. Protein is also something nuts are known for.

Nuts in general and peanuts in particular are often castigated as being too calorie-dense, but last year for a photo shoot I got down to 3.5% body fat while eating nuts every day.

I thought I would try FISHER Unsalted Dry Roast Peanuts, even though they aren't salted and I like my nuts salted. The thing is, nuts have their own great taste. Peanuts just happen to be one of my favorites.

Not all roasted nuts are the same. There's some kind of art to properly roasting peanuts, so they come out right. Fisher has that nailed. I have thus far found these nuts delightful every time I've had some and as I write this I am about 70% through the jar and looking forward to having more just before supper.

These aren't plain nuts. Fisher skipped the salt but did (barely) coat them with just enough flavoring to give them a little extra flavor. And that's another way to distinguish roasted peanuts. I have bought some only to find them thickly coated with some gunk to the extent I wash them off in a colander. Then nuts you get on airline flights tend to be like that.

Fisher very subtly flavored this with a tiny amount of sugar (sounds bad, but sugar is not an endocrine modifier as is the more commonly used high fructose corn syrup), molasses, garlic, and onion. Unlike with many peanut coatings, this merely accents the great peanut taste rather than overwhelm it. The flavor is mild, but not bland.

The Fisher peanuts are fresh and crunchy, rather than being soggy as some competing nuts are. I think it's because they are dry roasted rather than fried. There's no oil added, and it's worth noting that many food companies add oils that are toxic rather than using healthy oils. Peanut oil is a healthy oil, and that's already in the peanut.

I really appreciate the packaging. First of all, the jar is plastic. That means you're not going to have glass shards everywhere if you knock it over, so you don't have to transfer the peanuts to another container just for snacking purposes. I also like the fact I didn't have to peel off aluminum foil (toxic) to get to the nuts, nor did I need a crowbar or Jaws of Life to get the bottle open. Too many products come in containers so hard to open that it's often not worth the effort. I've thrown away more than one item after just giving up on trying to get the consumer-hostile package open.








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