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Review of: Axe Shavegel

What impressed me immediately upon opening the package was how cool the canister looks. I also looked at the ingredients and was pleasantly surprised. So, Axe shave gel and I got off to a good start.

See also my Review of Remington Alpahagel.

I was a little put off by the fragrance. To me, any fragrance in a skin care product is a sign of contamination. The ingredients label does not identify what this fragrance is. In most skin care products, the fragrance is some health-damaging chemical cocktail. But in most skin care products, the entire product is some health-damaging chemical cocktail.

Most of Alphagel's ingredients read like a laundry list of things you WANT to put on your skin; water and sunflower seed oil are near the top.

After several days of using this, I didn't experience any skin irritation or allergy issues. While that's not a conclusive sign that the product is safe to use, most other products immediately cause my body's defenses to go to DEFCON 5.

Most "skin care" products, including shaving products, are loaded with toxins and reek of various chemicals that allegedly "smell good." I use plain soap when showering, and was pleased to come across this particular shaving gel. I think any dermatologist would approve, as would specialists in endocrinology, toxicology, and pathology. Using products like this is an important part of eliminating the need for medical care and its associated misery and financial costs.

It's interesting that most Americans think they are using soap, when in fact they are using a chemical-laden detergent that is harsh on their skin and puts who knows what into their bloodstream. Shaving products are similarly corrupted these days. For good information on soap and good soap products, check out Hawaiian Bath and Body. This is a great little company and I know the owners personally.

With the Alphagel I reviewed, it's easy to control how much you use. Just swipe your finger across the tube opening and you have enough to put a comforting film on your face prior to shaving. With the Axe shave gel, you have to just barely tap the dispenser button. Else, you'll get enough foam for several shaves. Did I say foam, not gel? Yes, that is correct. This resembles traditional shaving foam, because foam is what you get out of the container.

Another difference between these two products is you can easily see how much of the alphagel you have becuse the container is transparent. But like our federal government, the container of the Axe foaming gel lacks transparency. For the government, this is a hugely negative thing. For the shaving gel, it's not a big deal. It's just a product container difference. I think all of us are capable of giving the container a little shake to feel how much is left.

One advantage the Axe has over the Alphagel is you can easily see how much is on your skin. I like that. I also like the way this feels on my skin, and the fact that it easily rinses out of my razor. I'm using one of those 220-blade (or however many they stick in there now, maybe it's 4 or 5 really) razors, which I plan to abandon after I use up the inordinately expensive blades that have to be replaced just as often as the reasonably priced ones.

With some shaving products, you need a power washer system to rinse the shaving product out of the turbines, combines, or whatever they are calling these mega multi blade shaver heads these days.

Nor did Axe do the childproof container thing (that's actually code for "open-proof"). Executives of companies that permit the packaging of their products in such a way that the hapless consumer must use a chainsaw and three varieties of prybars just to open the container do not deserve their mult-million dollar bonuses. When even the Fire Department gives up after breaking a set of Jaws of Life on the stupid package, it might be a hint that the packaging needs to be re-engineered.

Fortunately, the folks at Axe considered the fact that consumers might buy their product because they actually want to use it. So they packaged it in a consumer-friendly way. I think what's inside the package is pretty darn good, too.



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