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Review of: Remington Alphagel

What impressed me immediately upon opening the tube was the lack of sickening odors (which the industry calls "fragrances"). This just smelled clean to me.

So, Remington Alphagel and I got off to a good start. See also my Review of Axe Shave Gel.

Most "skin care" products, including shaving products, are loaded with toxins and reek of various chemicals that allegedly "smell good." I use plain soap when showering, and was pleased to come across this particular shaving gel. I think any dermatologist would approve, as would specialists in endocrinology, toxicology, and pathology. Using products like this is an important part of eliminating the need for medical care and its associated misery and financial costs.

The ingredients panel is hard to read, but it looks like the ingredients are neutral or benign on the toxicity scale. The "low or no toxicity" thing is the first barrier a product must cross before I allow it in my home.

It's interesting that most Americans think they are using soap, when in fact they are using a chemical-laden detergent that is harsh on their skin and puts who knows what into their bloodstream. Shaving products are similarly corrupted these days. For good information on soap and good soap products, check out Hawaiian Bath and Body. This is a great little company and I know the owners personally.

A little dab of Alphagel spreads easily onto my skin, allowing this tube to last a long time. BTW, I like this tube design. When the product is used up, I'll probably have emptied all of it from the container, vs. a pressurized can that necessarily involves waste.

It does feel smooth, and I don't get any "razor clog" as with some of the other products I have tried. This means a quicker, closer shave using less water and with less chance of nicking. The razor blades last longer too (no remaining whisker to hold moisture to corrode the blade).

The one thing I don't like about shaving gels is you can't see them the way you see shaving foams. With the foam, you can easily see where your razor has been. However, anyone who's got any kind of beard that isn't a soft one knows that doesn't really matter because you have to go back over that area anyhow.

Some products with tube packaging have lids that snap-bend or break your nails when you try to remove the lid. Remington took a different approach, making the lid easy to open and close. Yet, it's secure. Even vigorous shaking upside down didn't cause the lid to pop open. Of course, you wouldn't shake it normally so that's a pretty good test.

Good job, Remington! I think I've found the shaving gel product I'm going to stick with.



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